Apply Job For RPA Automation Anywhere Developer


Full Time

Job Description:

> Gather project requirement for integration with different applications and products

> Build and deliver custom made industry specific demos for new prospects and clients.

> Learn the benefits of new exciting technologies and how to automate using RPA bots.

> Develop automation bots for industry specific usage.

> Develop workflows and projects for specific use cases by integrating with different application and products.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements:

> Minimum 3+ Years of experience in RPA tool : Automation Anywhere

> Master Level certification in Automation Anywhere

> Engineering graduate with experience in programming .NET (C# or VB) and / or Java

> Experience in working with Web application implementation and front end technologies like node js, Angular or any JavaScript based libraries.

> Experience in Telecom, Banking, insurance systems, etc. is preferable.

> Experience in working with API/SOAP integration .

> Experience in working on different types of servers (IIS, Apache, Linux, different types of cloud environment, SAP servers, database servers) is preferable.

> Previous experience in industry specific tools and applications.

> Skills required: process minded, good presentation and communication skills.

As Serendebyte is a TTEC company, you will be redirected to TTEC’s portal to apply for this position.