BPM Wrapper on Predictive Analytics Engine

BPM Wrapper on Predictive Analytics Engine

Client: The client provides prescriptive analytics solutions to its customers across a diverse set of industries. Their solution can be used by end customers to enhance their decisioning capabilities as well as partners who can embed the client’s solutions into their strategy, operational planning and analytics solution offerings.

Business Problem: The client’s prescriptive analytics solution is extremely robust with a very powerful optimization engine at its core. However, the client as well as its customers felt that the optimization engine was not very user friendly. Any customization work that had to be done for a particular industry required making changes under the covers of the product. This was not only time consuming but also expensive since this required highly skilled mathematicians and optimization experts. Additionally, the existing solution did not provide visibility into key operational metrics. The client was losing a lot of business because no organization wanted to spend over six months to customize an analytics solution for their needs.

Serendebyte Solution: Serendebyte proposed and built a highly user centric layer on top of the client’s optimization engine. This layer was built using IBM BPM 8.5 Advanced Edition. This solution included user friendly work flows, reporting dashboard as well as a templatized platform for users to build vertical solutions on top of the client’s optimization engine. Serendebyte built this solution over a six- month period with a 100% offshore team of 5 architects and developers. With the help of this solution, the client has now reduced the time to build customized vertical solutions on top of their core platform from months to days.

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