Power up PRPC with the help of Integration !

Power up PRPC with the help of Integration !

We all know that Pega is one of the most powerful and leading BPM products in the market. Now, how do we make it more powerful? By integration. I would like to highlight some products that Serendebyte has successfully integrated Pega with.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

At Serendebyte, we have used AWS to host our Pega instances. As of now we have several Pega instances running on the AWS cloud. The best part about AWS is that it is very easy to use. Once you setup an instance, you will be able to take an image (copy or back-up) of it. With the help of this image, you will be able to start a new similar instance in seconds.

We have used AWS for hosting our Pega training instances. It is very easy to scale up these instances.  If the number of users increases or if more memory/storage is required, it can be done in just a few clicks.

Apart from providing environments for hosting Pega instances, there are other valuable features that AWS provides which can be integrated with Pega. One such feature is the Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) which Pega can use. Amazon’s SES has a key functionality of tracking the emails that you send. Amazon actively monitors various metrics, such as hard bounces and complaints to ensure that the questionable content is not being distributed. This functionality will be of great use for marketing applications. It can be used to track what happened to your marketing emails that were sent from a Pega application.

Another feature that can be of great use is the Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service). It has the ability to manage the notifications that you send. For example, you can group iOS, Android and SMS recipients together, and when you publish a topic, SNS delivers appropriately formatted copies of your message to each subscriber.

Content Management Systems like Shutter Stock:

As we all know, it is not possible to include the images which are stored in Pega while sending emails or notifications. Most of the clients have a separate image repository which can be used via http URLs. One of the common image repository solutions that is available is Shutter Stock. Shutter Stock can be integrated with PRPC’s rich text editor, so that the images from Shutter Stock can be used while designing email templates. Shutter Stock is just an example. There are a lot of other systems similar to Shutter Stock which can be used and integrated with.

Application Life Cycle Management Solutions like Rally, Jira, TFS, HPQC and Version One:

Most of Pega’s enterprise customers use an ALM solution like Rally, Jira and TFS to manage their requirements, user stories, defects and tasks. Currently, we do not have a link between the ALM products and Pega. If we can create a link between them and the code that we develop in Pega, it will be of great help in terms of traceability, impact analysis and also in reducing the analysis time. Serendebyte has a solution called PAT (Pega ALM Integration Toolkit) which can be of a great value to customers in terms of productivity and traceability. To know more, email to info@serendebyte.com

3 thoughts on “Power up PRPC with the help of Integration !

  1. MIDHUN KRISHNAN - April 17, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Hi Goutham, Couldnt really get a pitch on whats said in “Content Management Section”.PRPC does provide the ability to attach an image in a notification..take a digital signature being attached as an example.Can you explain what you really mean there?I dono..if im reading it wrong.

  2. GOUTHAM - April 17, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Hi Midhun, PRPC images cannot be directly used in emails which are going out. The reason is that the images are stored locally inside pega server as binary files. When you send an email with that image, The image will not load in the email when you open it. The content management system will provide us a public url which can be used anywhere you want.

  3. MIDHUN KRISHNAN - April 17, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Got your point. I missed the point where you go like “stored in pega “


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