Apply Job For Vice President-Architecture

Serendebyte Inc. is looking for a VP-Architecture to work in Dallas, TX, and various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S. Must possess Master’s* Degree or equivalent in Software Engineering or related field and 12 months experience in the position offered or a related position. Aforementioned 12 months experience must include use of the following skills: Delivering Pega BPM projects from inception state till transition/go live using various methodologies (DCO, Scrum, RUP & waterfall), defining and enforcing best practices in PEGA architecture/design/Implementation, use of Java, SQL, REST, SOAP, MQ, SSO, LDAP. *In lieu of Master’s a Bachelor’s or equivalent plus 5 years of experience is acceptable. Position may require travel. Apply to Serendebyte Inc. at 300 East Royal Lane, Ste. 127, Irving, TX 75039.